We appreciate that people may have concerns about the potential impact on local wildlife and the environment caused by our Jetski Seafaris, and that there is an irony associated with using any petrol engined craft to visit areas of natural beauty.

As part of the process to set up our operations and to define our operating procedures, we have had a number of meetings with Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services (ACLMS), the States Department who are responsible for the local coastline and conservation, as well as with a local wildlife consultant engaged by them. 

We worked through all the coastline, rocks and other islets within our proposed operating areas to assess the resident birds and sea mammals and to classify each location's importance, both in terms of the number and types of birds and other animals living and breeding there, as well as taking into account existing levels of marine traffic and disturbance and the frequency with which we expected to visit them. As part of this process we removed several areas from our proposed operations and reduced the frequency we would visit others. Prior to commencing operations this will be supplemented to include certain times of year when sensitive bird sites will be avoided.


We have designed our operating procedures to have a minimal impact on wildlife encountered as part of our Seafaris, including maximum speeds, minimum distances to be maintained, and what to do in the vicinity of marine mammals and rafting birds such as puffins.  These have been reviewed and refined as part of our interactions with ACLMS and their Wildlife Consultant and are in line with the Wildlife Code. There are a number of coastal restricted areas around Guernsey's Coastline with 6 knot speed limits designed to minimise disturbance both to wildlife and other users and we will also be required to obey these.

Our Yamaha Waverunners are the latest available and comply with all relevant environmental and noise regulations.  As 4 Stroke machines with Yamaha's Sound Suppression System - they are considerably quieter than older 2 Stroke models and actually most outboards . There are also no external moving parts or propellers and the impeller is protected by an intake grate if dolphins or other marine mammals were to choose to come up close.


On each Seafari we will continually assess the reaction of any wildlife encountered and act accordingly.


On top of this, over the course of our first year, both we and ACLMS will be assessing the impact of our operations more generally on local wildlife and meeting to discuss our findings.

Clearly, part of the experience of going on a Seafari is to experience what it's like to be behind the controls of one of our brand new Yamaha Waverunner jetskis - they're a lot of fun! - and there's more to them than moving slowly down the coast, off the plane.  Our Seafaris will include time (after some training and under the supervision of our qualified instructors) travelling faster and experiencing the thrill of controlling one of these amazing machines - however this will be further offshore and away from areas where we know wildlife could be disturbed.

Ultimately, we love our Bailiwick and its amazing coastline and marine environment - we want to conserve and showcase it, we definitely do not want to detrimentally impact it in any way.


If you want to talk about this further, please contact us directly via our Facebook page or email us at