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We are incredibly lucky to have such rich marine life in Guernsey - but one type of encounter stands out as a particular highlight - dolphins.  

We have three main species of dolphin frequenting our waters:

Bottlenose dolphins (as made famous by the TV series 'Flipper' and the only species we have come across so far)

Common dolphins with their hourglass markings underneath

Risso's dolphins who are usually heavily scarred with the marks of the squid they primarily eat

We follow the wildlife code and keep our distance - seeing these animals in their natural environment is a privilege we want to conserve - but sometimes they choose to approach the skis and play.


When they do it is an amazing experience!

We log all our sightings to provide data to the local wildlife authorities.  You can see a heat map of the locations of the sightings we have logged to date below...

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